Who am I ?

I have been passionate about animals since my earliest childhood … and my passion revolved particularly around dogs. I could name and recognize breeds and recommend friends and family the perfect canine companion according to their needs.

My parents were very supportive of this love and saw something they felt they needed to invest in. I took my first dog training course at 8 years old and I haven’t stopped learning and investing in my skills. And since then, I have educated quite a few family pets over the years.

It will be my pleasure to share some of my knowledge with you so you can get the best out of your relationship with your four pawed friend.

Education and experiences

I trained as a dog behaviorist in a specialized school in Canada as well as practiced dog training courses in Switzerland for many years.

I was also a salesperson in a pet store for over ten years, which allowed me to learn more about other pets as well as food and hygiene.

My dogs have been my best teachers! Thanks to Polux, Cylla, Pluto, Tchino, Seiya, Kenshin, Nouchka and Boira as well as to all those that I have been able to take care of, walk with, train or just crossed paths.