Dog boarding

Your dog will be able to play and frolic in a fenced, 45 sq meters park and we will have at its disposal a kennel for shelter as well as a bowl of clean water of course.

Your pet will go out in a playpen several times a day with or without playmates, matched according to size and personality. At night, he or she will return to the shelter, in a box specially designed to keep warmth or cool depending on the weather. There will be meals and medication if necessary and lots of cuddles…

What you’ll need:

Prices for accommodation

  • Daycare € 15.00

    5.00 € per additional dog.

  • Day and night (food provided by you) € 17.00

    6.00 € per additional dog.

  • Day and night, dog <10kg (food included) € 20.00

    7.50 € per additional dog.

  • Day and night, dog >10kg (food included) € 21.00

    8.00 € per additional dog.


  • Home pick up and drop off According to Agreement

    Price to be agreed upon together depending on the service performed.

  • Shampoo and brushing € 5.00

    Shampoo done before your dog returns.

  • Leash walking € 5.00

    Walk lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Compulsory admission conditions

Dogs must be dewormed and treated against external parasites (fleas and ticks).
Vaccination is compulsory and must be up to date: CHPPI-L as well as the kennel cough vaccine.
The dog must be identifiable by tattoo or electronic chip.
Signing the contract and filling in the pet card are mandatory. You can download these (Contract Pet Card ) in PDF format and hand them over to me, send them via our contact form or by email to In case of doubt or for any question, the forms can be finalized and the contract signed on site.